We are like two diamons shinning in the sun
The revelation, in my heart...
appears suddenly, surprinsing me!
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spring is coming. yesterday was a beautiful day, so my friend and I were needing fresh air. i took this pictures  [except for the one of my back:/]

AM singles + movie posters

Awwww *-*

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Arcade Fire at The Gorge Amphitheater 8/8/2014

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Mis noches sin hablar por telefono con my best friend fosterisrock son las peoresssssssssss. amigaaa te extraño :(

Tomando fernet con mi amiga fosterisrock por ver la pelea del Chino Maidana ^^


My crappy pics of Lolla Argentina. Arcade Fire’s show was amazing! We danced all night… I was very sad because I couldn’t go see Cage the Elephant, but it was really good! 

ichoosebehappylove thanks for taking me with you :)

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